Volunteering to do the unthinkable Achieving the unachievable All that while In fellowship with the all-powerful Descending from your high pedestal To liberate the undeserving From their shackles of impurity All this effort went unnoticed save but a few who did In elation and rejection You went to your eternal place of domicile To watch … More GRACE


I thought that my life had ended I lay in my bed My mind was in turmoil I tried to the best of my ability But I still cant shake off this feeling That something could go wrong If only I could turn back the wheels of time I would make it right   I do … More MIRACLE

Fragile Heart

Fragile Heart my head keeps spinning I’m tethering on the edge of sanity feelings I thought buried, rise to the surface and there I am thinking I have long turned off my humanity 2 the force of gravity has refused to hold these emotions down and upthrust has taken control the fabric of my guarded heart … More Fragile Heart